World Cup Betting Odds

You can predict who will win the 2014 World Cup by using the World Cup winners betting market. Once you have done your homework and made a selection for tournament winner, you can use our World Cup winner odds comparison to get the best possible price on your team.


Live Outright Winner Odds Comparison


World Cup winner odds format

The World Cup winner odds presented in this table are fractional odds. Fractional odds are the most popular odds format in the United Kingdom, and can easily be used to determine how much money you will win if your bet is successful.

To determine your profit from fractional odds all you need to do is multiply the odds by your stake (the amount you are betting). The result is how much you will make in profit. Along with your profit the bookie will also return your original stake.

For example:

You want to back Brazil to win the World Cup at odds of 2/1 using $100.

To calculate your profit: 2/1 x $100 = $200

So your total profit on this bet will be $200. Your total payout will include your $100 stake, and will therefore be $300.

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Outright odds and betting

The outright betting market allows you to predict who will win the 2014 World Cup. The market lists all the teams that will compete at the tournament, along with the ‘price’ for each team.

Teams that have a better chance of winning the tournament will have the lowest odds, while teams that are less likely to win have much higher odds. You can even get odds of over 1000/1 on some of the less fancied competitors in the 2014 World Cup.
You don’t have to put all your money on a single team when betting on the World Cup winner. In fact, experienced bettors will avoid making an all-or-nothing bet on a single team. The high odds on offer in the market allow you to back more than one team and still earn an overall payout if just one of these teams wins the tournament.

Considering the limited number of teams who are actually capable of winning the tournament, you can easily narrow down your options to a handful of teams. All you need to do then is make sure that a winning bet on any one team will generate a big enough payout to cover your losing bets and still make an overall profit.

You can find out exactly how much you need to bet on each of your teams by using a Dutching calculator. Just input the amount you have to bet and enter the odds of each of the teams you want to back, and the calculator will determine how much you need to bet on each team to make a guaranteed profit from the bet if any one team wins.

If you don’t want to hedge your bets by backing more than one team you have another option to lower your risk and increase your odds of a payout. You can do this by selecting the ‘each-way’ option on the betting slip at your bookie when you place your World Cup bet.

When you select the each-way option the amount you have bet on your selection will automatically double, and your bet will be turned into two separate bets. The first bet will be on your team winning the tournament at the full price. The second bet is a place bet that will go onto your team reaching the final, and will be paid out at ¼ of the team’s odds if your team does reach the final. If your team wins the tournament, both bets will pay out.

For example:

England are priced at 24/1 to win the World Cup. You decide to back them to do the job, and also select the ‘each-way’ option when you place your $10 bet.

Your stake is automatically doubled. $10 is wagered on England winning the World Cup at odds of 24/1, while another $10 is wagered on England reaching the final at odds of 6/1 (¼ of 24/1).

If England win the tournament you will win $240 on the outright winner portion of the bet and $60 on the place bet, for an overall profit of $300.

If England reach the final but lose, you will lose the outright winner portion of your bet (and your $10 stake on it) but will win $60 on the place bet for an overall profit of $60.

If England don’t reach the final both bets will lose.

Each-way betting is a useful way to cover yourself if you think your team will reach the final. Just keep in mind that the odds on your team need to be over 4/1 if you want to guarantee an overall profit from an each-way bet if your team reaches the final and loses. Anything less and you will make an overall loss on the bet if they lose in the final.

Odds comparison

One of the simplest ways to earn more money off successful bets, and be able to back more teams to improve your chances of earning an overall payout, is to get the highest possible odds on each selection.

You can do this by using a variety of bookmakers to place your bets, and by using an odds comparison service. While the prices offered on the different World Cup contenders will often be similar, you will find that there will still be small differences in odds for leading contenders, while there can be quite big differences in odds for outsiders.

An odds comparison table will list all the World Cup contenders and then give you the price that each bookie is offering on that contender. This table makes it easy for you to tell where you can get the best price. And as a bonus, you’ll earn a free World Cup bet at most bookies when you open an account!

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