World Cup Fixtures & Betting Tips

Get previews for all 64 matches of the 2014 World Cup. Our tipsters have analyzed all the important statistics to provide you with a simple match summary and tip on the outcome of every fixture.

How World Cup match betting tips work

The key to profiting from the FIFA World Cup matches is having access to well-researched World Cup betting tips. An experienced tipster can help you narrow down the best betting options by analyzing the various factors that will influence the outcome of the match.

Our tipsters make their predictions by considering:

  • Form of each team in the weeks leading up the match
  • Injuries to key players in either side
  • The head-to-head record between the two teams
  • The scoring rates of both teams
  • The defensive performances of both teams

They then summarize their findings to provide you with a simple, easy to follow summary of the game and its likely result. Our tips are updated as the tournament progresses to take into account in-tournament form for each team.

Before following our tipsters, be aware that even the best tipsters get predictions wrong, and are focused on achieving an overall success rate over the whole tournament. Any success rate over 50% means that punters who follow the tips will make an overall profit on the tournament

More betting tips and predictions

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