World Cup Top Goal Scorer 2014

Get the stars of international football on your side by backing them in the 2014 World Cup golden boot betting markets. Select the best strikers in the game at the best possible odds to earn a profit if your players is one of the top scorers in Brazil in 2014.


Golden Boot betting

The Golden boot World Cup betting market features the odds for every attacking player competing at the 2014 World Cup.

The better your player is in terms of form and skill, the lower the odds on offer will be. But because there are so many star players at the tournament, you’ll find great value on some of the biggest stars in the game – and odds of up to 1000/1 on some of the outsiders.

This means you can back more than one player to win the Golden Boot and still make a profit if just one of your selections wins.

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In fact a good betting strategy in this market is to back more than one player in order to increase your odds of picking the top scorer. Before you do this, make sure that any one of your winning bets will be enough to make you an overall profit and cover your losing bets.

You have another option if you want to decrease your risk and boost your chances of winning in this market - use each-way betting. Check the each-way betting option on the betting slip when you place your bet and your stake will automatically be doubled.

Half your stake will go on your player becoming top scorer at the odds you selected, while the other half of your stake will go on your player placing (finishing amongst the top four scorers at the tournament) at ¼ of the odds you took.

If your player completes the tournament anywhere from 2nd to 4th in the scoring charts (even if tied for this place with another player) your place bet will pay out. If your player finishes the tournament as the top scorer both of your bets will pay out.

To guarantee an overall profit from an each-way bet if your player places you will need to select him at odds of over 4/1.

Golden Boot odds comparison

While there is some agreement among the bookies on who the best players at the World Cup will be, they don’t always agree on the odds that should be offered on these players. Because of this you should shop around for the best possible odds when placing your Golden Boot bets.

While the odds differences for the top players will be minor, there are quite large differences for any players other than the favourites. For example the odds on Wayne Rooney winning the Golden Boot range from 33/1 at Ladbrokes to 50/1 at Bet365!

So don’t miss out on the best value on your selection once you’ve decided who you are going to pick. Just find your player on the odds comparison and you’ll have easy access to the odds being offered on him by the most trusted bookmakers.

Keep in mind that you’ll earn a free bet if you’re a first-time customer at a bookie, so using a variety of bookies to place your top goal scorer bets is also a great way to boost your bankroll.

Picking a top scorer

With so many top players in action at the World Cup it can be tempting to back your favourite player, a star from your favourite club, or just put your money behind one of the big names in world football. Try to avoid making a quick decision and instead do your homework before betting on this market.

Things to consider include:

  • What kind of form is he in at international level? Keep in mind that his club form may not carry through to the national team if he does not have good chemistry with his national team’s midfield.
  • How strong are the defences he will face during the group stages of the tournament?
  • Does he have to share the strike with another world class forward, or a strong attacking midfield?
  • Is he in one of the teams likely to play the maximum number of matches at the World Cup – i.e. is his team likely to reach the semifinals and therefore compete in the final or 3rd place playoff?
  • How many games do World Cup golden boot winners compete in, on average?
  • How many goals do players require, on average, to win the Golden boot?

The more information you have to place your bet, the better your chances of making a correct selection. The prices offered by bookies are not watertight, and often reflect players’ overall ability rather than factors like the defenders they’ll take on and their chemistry with the players in their national side.

In fact, when we analyzed this betting market using the points above we discovered that the bookies’ favourites may struggle to top the goalscorer charts in 2014 and that you can get excellent value on a handful of players with much higher odds, and a really solid chance of scoring several goals at the World Cup.

More on Golden Boot betting

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